The One Kind Of Man We All Need

If you clicked on this hoping for some romantic story, you’ve come to the wrong place, or maybe you haven’t. Maybe you need to read this anyways because you never had the blessing of having a man like this in your life. This blog is for all of us, both men and women. Because inorder to even exist, you need one of these. You need a Dad.

Now I know that not all of us were lucky enough to have a good dad or a dad at all. And I want you to know that it’s not your fault, and I’m sorry that you have that hole in your heart. It’s sad that here in the U.S. 25% of Americans grow up without a dad. And let’s not even begin to count the number of abortions that happened because Dad walked out. That’s why this week I want to be real and tap into the deep parts of our heart. Even if you had a good dad, I still want you to listen in. 

Being a dad takes more than impregnating someone. Being a dad is more than just having a kid.Being a dad is being a reflection of God the Father. Dad’s are there to protect us from the monsters inside and out. But Dads can’t do that when they are constantly fighting the monsters inside. Men are supposed to be the tough guys, the bulletproof man, the provider, and they crush under the weight of the world being put on their shoulders. Ladies, men can’t be your God. No man can be your everything. Your job is to help keep his eyes fixed on the God who should be your whole world. We always talk about women, and their struggles, and that’s good. Women tend to be open and honest, but our society and men’s nature locks mens struggles up in a box and lets them multiply. We barely scratch the surface with porn addictions. If I could pry that locked box open I’d imagine I would find suicidal thoughts, body image issues, financial struggles, addiction, lust, self hate, anxiety, depression, job loss, loneliness, sleep deprivation, unhealthy eating,anger, alcohol, drugs, wounds from sexual abuse, feelings of abandonment, feeling like a failure, feeling like a bad Dad, and the list goes on and on. Because guess what. When the devil walks in he’s gonna go straight for the head of the household. You strike the shepherd, you scatter the flock. Then when he has scattered the flock, he feasts on them all. 

It doesn’t have to be this way though. If we had men who were willing to get on their knees and pray for at least 15 minutes a day, this world would be 10 x better. If men got out their Bible and read for just 5 minutes, even getting the family involved, the graces would be flooding in. We need Dad’s who are prayer warriors. We need men who cling to the Blessed Mother. 

This world can be so brutal, but remember the only one you need to please is God. I was just reading some scripture and it talked about not needing letters, because we ourselves are love letters from Christ. If every Dad could let themselves be a love letter from Christ to the world, this world would be so rich in love, it would set a fire in our hearts that would burn the devil and all of his lies. Yeah this is a high call, but remember you are not alone, and you have God on your side. As a Dad you will fail, you will sin, and stumble, but remember you are forgiven. If Jesus stumbled three times to His throne, What makes you think you won’t stumble a hundred times or more. You are a Dad, a human being, no one asked you to be prefect, they just asked you to stay. 

America needs dads to breathe truth and life into their children. To teach kids how to ride bikes, fish, change the oil, tie your shoes, love your spouse till death do you part, and most importantly how to put God first. Statistics show that children that grow up and continue to practice the faith had Dad’s who talked about God regularly within the home. It’s not about just going to church on Sunday, but kids with Dad’s who went to church with them are also more likely to practice the faith. Dad is the leader, and like it or not his kids will likely follow. So men if you can’t do it for yourself do it for your kids. They are watching, and they need you. They learn a lot from you, your mistakes too. And you can never overuse the words I love you. Say those words as often as you can, because kids who know that their Earthly Father loves them are far more likely to understand that God loves them. Because all good things including dads point us back to God. So men here’s what you have to do, Love God first, then your spouse, and then your kids, and don’t forget to love yourself somewhere in there, then everything else will find its place thereafter. But maybe you’re not a dad yet, or so you thought. Many of you are spiritual dads and don’t even know it. And you still play a very vital role. Being a father to the fatherless is especially important, and it sets an example for young boys to strive towards. I could go on and on about the effect a father has on his children, but I think you already know that so instead I’m going to just end it with some pictures of my Dad and with his most famous simple words “Be Good”.

This is my mom btw, her wedding ban was broken so that’s why that’s missing..

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