God constantly opens these doors for me, (such a gentleman) but there are some doors I don’t want to walk through, but despite my fears I’ve never regretted following His call. One big God moment in particular happened this week. It was a co worker of mine and she asked me how I felt about the new pro life bill our Governor signed. I really do not like to talk politics at work, but God kept pushing in. And He didn’t really need me to talk. He needed me to listen. 

In that moment I could feel His mighty hand working this conversation like clay. I resisted His push, and my heart raced, but I’m so glad I’m the clay and not the potter. Out of this conversation He molded something beautiful, something of pure love. This woman ended up sharing with me not only that she feels very pro choice, but that ten years ago she was a victim of rape, and ended up getting an abortion. I could feel her pain. And even though I still told her that I’m very unapologetically pro life, she didn’t try to fight me. Instead she looked at me and said “I appreciate you, I’ve never met someone like you whose pro life but willing to listen. And you should feel special, not even my family knows about my abortion.” 

I just remember looking into her eyes and feeling this sense of pain, but yet so much love. I could also feel the mercy flowing in the room, reaching out and healing a deep wound. I went home and decided to write her a letter because I just felt God telling me that she doesn’t know of His love for  her. So I thanked her for her vulnerability, affirmed her and told her that God still loves her, and despite your pain and hurt He has never abandoned you. I will never understand this woman’s pain, but God does. And yes abortion is wrong, but God does not call us to condemn, but to love. Is it easy to love like this? No. I was terrified she would get mad that I wrote this faith filled letter, that ended with me clearly stating that I still think abortion is wrong. But like always God provided and consoled, and after I returned to work she thanked me for the letter. She said she loved it. 

Now I don’t tell you this to be like “hey look at me”. I say it to show you that God is alive in each and every one of us, and there are little opportunities each and every day to show God’s love (even in secular places). Be not afraid. The Gospel yesterday talked about going out to the lost, and the day before the Gospel talked about how Jesus looked out at these troubled and abandoned people, and He said the harvest is plenty, but the laborers are few. The Gospel calls us to be harvesters, and reach out. It’s uncomfortable, yeah, but being crucified for your sins was even more uncomfortable. The kingdom of God is at hand. Now go tell the good news. 

There is a King above all, and He loves us. 

“Worry not about your death, but rather not living in communion with Christ”

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