Not Everyone goes to Heaven

As I wrote the title of this blog, I think wow that sounds cruel, but yet gain it’s true. The World talks about Heaven as if everyone was going, but the sad reality is not everyone makes it. Jesus even said so Himself. I’m not here to judge though, I’m just here to point out the facts, and the scary reality that not everyone who cries out Lord, Lord is going to Heaven.

Now I know my readers are mostly Catholic and if not they are practicing Christians, so I’m not super worried about them being super materialistic, but rather that we are too comfortable. 

We are too comfortable where we are at in our Faith. And we are comfortable with just keeping to ourselves when it comes to our faith. Faith without works is dead. Simply believing is not enough. Believing that someone is my spouse doesn’t make them my spouse. Making a commitment for better or worse and working hard at a relationship that you vowed before that person and God to uphold till death do you part is what makes a marriage. And by the way you live and act around that person people know that’s your spouse. 

Same goes for faith. By the way you live people should know that God is the center of your life. Faith is not about what you want it’s what God wants. We as Christians need to wake up and stand strong, deeply rooted in our faith. We should be reading God’s word DAILY. It’s powerful, by word alone the universe was created. And we should be praying. And constantly calling each other higher. And for those out there who don’t know there is one church, and with God there is only one truth. And if you are deeply rooted in scripture and are praying daily asking God to lead you in your faith, I’m sure you will find yourself in with His bride, the one Holy and Apostolic Church. 

And that’s all I have for this week folks. Keep on striving. I’ll be praying for you and I hope you pray for me as well.

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