Why Bother Being Catholic? Part I: The Eucharist

Alas in you I see my goodness. And what is left but to surrender myself completely to you”. That was my simple personal prayer before communion yesterday. And in its simplicity I think it highlights why I love the Eucharist. 

Soil doesn’t see its goodness till a seed has been planted in it. And that seed germinates and takes root and flourishes, and with its life it gives back nutrients to the soil and gives life to those who come to graze on the sweetness that grows on that soil. I am the soil, and that seed is the Eucharist. 

And like that seed, Christ doesn’t need me, there is an Earth full of soil. But He chooses me, so that when I receive Him, I can see my own goodness, I can see my purpose. I can see the gifts He has given me, and what those gifts can do for others. And when I see His beauty growing within me I quench every weed, and toss out every stone, and focus on giving all I have to Him. 

Without Him, I would let the weeds grow. I would let sin take over, I would let people use me, I would go a lifetime without knowing my goodness, without seeing that I have been created to give God glory. I would feel useless, and would nourish nasty weeds just so I could feel wanted. I would dry up in the sun longing for a day where I could feel known, where I could feel needed. I would just be dirt, no one would come and graze on my fruits. I would bare nothing. But with Him I can bare anything.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I will only have the my house next door to the chapel for 3 more months (I’m leaving my college town to begin student teaching). For the last 3 years I have gone to spend time in adoration with Jesus at odd hours of the night, bare foot, still in my pjs, and I’m going to miss that closeness. Countless times I have come before Christ true presence in the Eucharist in tears,or to make a big decision, or simply just because. I’m not ready to lose that privilege of being able to just walk 20 feet across the yard and down some stairs to see Him. His true presence in the Eucharist is something powerful.

Now there are people in the world who don’t believe in the Eucharist, in fact that person may be you. Truly you’re missing out. Outside the Catholic Church there is no Eucharistic presence. And to many people they don’t seem to care, but Jesus is Lord. And if He is Lord he cannot lie so why would He say…….

To be continued next week. Until then read John 6:22-71. And let it penetrate your soul with truth, we need to be reading less blogs and more Scripture so I’m keeping this week short and ending on a cliffhanger. Now go read that Bible!

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