Suffering with Her

Our Lady of Sorrows Mass | Hamrun Secondary School

In terms of your salvation, suffering is the best thing that has ever happened. Suffering turns us to God, and makes us realize nobody else can save us. However let’s be honest suffering sucks, but there’s one person that makes it not feel so lonely and that’s Our Blessed Mother. When our Lord was dying up on that cross for the salvation of the world, I’m certain that it gave His heart much consolation to have His mother there.

Now I don’t know about you, but that relationship right there is relatable. Thinking back on times in my life when I’ve suffered, I’ve called out for my mom countless times. Not because she was going to take the hurt away, but rather suffer with me in sympathy. I remember one time in particular when I was about 4 years old I had to undergo a surgery, and I was in this room with strangers, and they wanted to put this mask on me. So of course I scream out for mom, she never came, but from down the hall my mom heard my cries, and cried with me. She knew I was going to be okay, but even still her heart suffered with mine. Same goes with Our Blessed Mother, she knew from the get go, that her son was going to die a brutal death, but she also knew He would be okay, and that He would rise again. But that does not mean her heart was not deeply pierced. Now having been put under her motherly care after Jesus gave her away on the cross, she suffers with us too. I think this relationship of mother and child, with deep empathizing hearts is a constant reminder that even in our suffering, we have never been abandoned. 

Suffering with Mary by our side points us back to the Father, it keeps us hopeful. Just like how even in highschool I still woke my mom up if I got sick in the night, and she would laugh and say why do you need me? To which I always replied “So I don’t have to suffer alone. That’s how our relationship with the Blessed Mother should be. We should never be afraid to cry out to her, because she loves us and she does not want us to suffer alone. 

Now if you don’t believe me, just take a look at her heart. Pierced with man swords it bleeds, and whether we ask of it or not it suffers with us. You do not have to ask a mom to feel bad for her baby. LAtely in prayer I just keep seeing her heart, and how deeply empathetic it is, and inside I can feel my heart pining to be as close as possible to hers. I can hear her heart crying out for the unborn, the lost, the broken, the ashamed, and the repentance of all sinners. I look at her heart, and I’m not scared. I feel called to compassion. I smell the bitter sweetness of a hopeful suffering. To hear the heartbeat that pumped the blood around my own savior’s womb, now that is something special. It’s just like what was said to Mary when they presented Jesus at the temple, “You yourself a sword will pierce so that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed.”

Not only do I feel my own thoughts of my heart have been revealed, but the thoughts of all those suffering throughout the world. How can you look at her heart and not see that. 

Oh sweet Virgin Mary, Totus tuus

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