The Battle Rages On

Election day is a little more then a week away, and there is so much on the line. But  my heart is set on something bigger then that. I don’t need you to love Trump or Biden. I need you to love our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. My main mission is not to get laws changed, or to get anyone to change their mind. I want you to have a change of heart. Who do you love? Do you love the world, or do you love Christ?

Ponder this passage 

“So Pilate said to him, “Do you not speak to me? Do you not know that I have power to release you and I have power to crucify you?” Jesus answered [him], “You would have no power over me if it had not been given to you from above. For this reason the one who handed me over to you has the greater sin.”  

John 19:10-11

We the people have a responsibility here, and the blood is on our hands. You have a choice to make, chose the lesser evil, and give to Caesar what is Caesar’s. Wake up people, there is a battle for souls going on right now. Each day in America, 2,365 babies die, and each one of those children has a mother out there who does not feel known, loved and cared for. The world says empower her, give her a choice, but society really only gives her one option. This world only wants to address the visible issues. We have this toxic “out of sight out of mind” mentality. The unborn, and mental health are constantly going unseen, and the result is death. I think as Christians many of us have forgotten that every single person will die one day, and the reality is not everyone is going to Heaven. And it’s not because God damns them there. Every soul makes that choice in the life they live. Whatever you cling to and serve in this life, is who you will go rushing to in the end. 

The Devil knows what he is doing. He’s not stupid, God even knows that. The Devil is going to convince you  to give your body entirely to temporary people and pleasures. He’s going to tell you not to worry, contraception has your back. He’s going to tell you that sitting in the pew on Sunday is enough, or maybe convince you not to bother at all. He’s going to tell you that receiving the body, blood and divinity of Jesus when you haven not been to confession in years is okay. (It’s not!!!) Then he has this whole group of people who claim to be great Catholics or at least christians, who are really not even following church teaching, and preaching false things to others. In reality they are throwing Jesus on the ground like He’s nothing. I am not hear to judge, but you know or at least should know what has been written. Do not allow these wolves to represent the church, and do not be a bystander to it. You are nothing, yet Jesus Christ has given Himself entirely to you in the Eucharist. (Read John 6:53). He understands we experience intimacy through the body, that’s why He gives it to us entirely. Wake up. Stop being the Devil’s advocate. You cannot serve two masters. Do not be afraid. Are you going to offend people? Yes. But what matters here is living the present moment, with the mindset of eternity.

The church is dying. The world is becoming more relativistic each day. Yet I think about how here at this newman center I am at, people are on fire. The church in this place is alive. Full of young people, and God is adding to our number each day souls being saved. Why is it different here? Certainly Christ is present in the tabernacle in every Catholic church, so it’s certainly not a lack of Christ. Rather I believe it is a lack of yes. It’s this yes to living RADICALLY different that changes everything. You would see these young adults at these Newman Centers and think they are crazy. You have full time students making 3 am Holy hours, praying at abortion mills, leading bible studies. And if you asked them why, they would all tell you a very similar answer. They encountered something more, they encountered Jesus, some way some how in the Eucharist. I hope and pray that you do to. I hope you remember who you are and who your father is. 

The answer to poverty, fatherless society, abortion, the mental health crisis, sex trafficing, the pandemic, everything… is you. And it starts with finding Christ in you. Say yes. Look to Mary as an example who at 13 years old, living in poverty, with no husband, and risking everything, said yes to baring salvation to the world. Be not Afraid.

P.S. go vote, and if you love him, “do exactly as He tells you”

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