Abortion minded: Not a what to say, but rather what to do

In the homily last Sunday my priest talked about how Jesus did not want to be known as a healer. Jesus did not want to be this guy that everyone came to in order to have their problems solved. Jesus wanted to do so much more than that, because at the end of the day not having leprosy or being able to walk does not save us from the fires of hell. Jesus came into this world to love and to remind of us our own worth, to remind us that our dignity is something worth fighting for. 

Getting the news that the march for life was cancelled was sad, but I see it as a perfect opportunity to talk about why we march. I don’t need to spit out the stats or give you the spiel, but lets talk about the one thing both pro life and pro choice people often overlook. That being the dignity of the women in crisis pregnancies. We all know how annoying it can be to have everyone try to solve your problems. So how do you think these women feel? We have one side saying chose life and the other saying have an abortion. All the women want is to be heard. If you ever find yourself in the situation with a mother in a crisis pregnancy the first thing you ought to do is listen. That’s what Jesus would have done. Because not only does that child have value, but so does she. Fight for her, and let her voice be heard. I’ve had so many women change their opinion on abortion simply becasue I chose to listen rather then speak. As  a woman let me tell you that every woman in any situation wants to feel heard, chosen, and for once just feel like she is enough. 

I strongly encourage that you listen to their story. Think of Jesus and everytime he encountered women, he spoke little.  I imagine that the way he gazed upon them along with what little he did say penetrated their very being. He looked upon them with love and compassion, and caused them to have to reflect and internally gaze upon their own inherent goodness. Please just listen, and let their story move you and inspire you. This is where women feel empowered. This is where they recognize their own strength. 

Too often we are afraid that if we do not offer the solution first and tell them what we want them to do that she will turn away seeing that we have nothing to offer. The greatest thing you have to offer is your listening ears, because often times nobody not even their loved ones has offered that to them. Now I’m not going to lie. Listening does not always work. Sometimes these women are still going to move forward with their decision. It’s sad and hard to watch, but at the very least by listening to her you have given her a good experience with someone who is pro life. Too  often abortion minded women get screamed at and shamed. That right there is not pro life to me. There are two souls, two lives on the line right here. Listen to the one who can speak for themselves, and kindly speak up for the little ones who can’t. And at the end of the day never give up the fight. I’ve watched woman after woman walk into those clinics and walked home feeling absolutely defeated. But we can’t stop fighting. Even with the most pro choice politicians stepping into power very soon, we can not give up. 

If the only love that unborn child will ever experience is someone praying outside that clinic then make it happen. Lets also continue to make abortion something that is not so hush hush. Stop trying to avoid conflict. Disagreements only turn into conflict when we forget how to respond with charity. Stop trying to change their mind, focus on changing their heart. Pray. Sacrifice. Witness. 

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