A False Idea of Permanence

Faith belongs to the one who asks, because the one who asks receives. Often we beat ourselves up thinking, “I’ve been through worse and overcome it. Why am I so terrified? Seriously you’re better than this.”  The reality is on our own we are capable of nothing, in every moment of triumph stood before usContinue reading “A False Idea of Permanence”

Why Bother Being Catholic? Part I: The Eucharist

“Alas in you I see my goodness. And what is left but to surrender myself completely to you”. That was my simple personal prayer before communion yesterday. And in its simplicity I think it highlights why I love the Eucharist.  Soil doesn’t see its goodness till a seed has been planted in it. And thatContinue reading “Why Bother Being Catholic? Part I: The Eucharist”